Anger Management

By Sarah Finnegan

When was the last time you really lost your cool?

Perhaps someone pulled out in front of you while you were driving. Perhaps you have a noisy neighbour who played one Celine Dion track too many. Maybe the referee made a really stupid decision just before the final whistle.

Whatever it is, we all have things happen that make our blood boil, our lids flip and steam come out of our ears. Our heart rate increases muscles tense up and we breathe faster, preparing for confrontation. It’s a horrible feeling and one that can stay with us for the rest of the day or longer. Stress symptoms can follow and all sorts of physical consequences.

If you find yourself in this situation regularly, you aren’t alone. Even though having an angry reaction is a perfectly normal and healthy part of life, it can turn into an anger management problem. This can cause breakdowns in our relationships and problems in dealing with day to day like in general.

Help is available. The NHS website has some great information that can help you with long-term anger problems and links to other organisations like MIND and CALM who have advice and contacts too.

Some of the main advice includes making sure we look after ourselves in terms of exercise and diet, finding other ways to express how we feel, and finding more positive ways to describe things we don’t like. GPs can also help access treatments if we need more support.

So if you feel like you’re at boiling point more often than you want to be, please check out these links.

NHS Choices                        MIND                    CALM

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