Mediation is Good for Your Health

By Craig Barnett

Conflicts and disagreements within families, with neighbours and at work are a common cause of mental and physical health problems. This year, MESH is launching a new project that will enable a Sheffield health centre to offer its patients help in dealing with conflict. 

Staff and volunteers at the Darnall Health and Wellbeing Centre will be trained in positive approaches to conflict, known as 'alternative dispute resolution'. They will also be able to refer health centre users to experienced MESH staff, for one-to-one support, or a full process of mediation between the people in conflict. 

This approach to tackling the root causes of ill-health is known as 'social prescribing'. It is becoming increasingly popular across the UK, with GPs starting to offer a range of activities such as gardening, walking and healthy eating, as well as just medicines.  

So far, though, help in dealing with conflict hasn't been generally available through local health centres, and MESH hopes that the project will be a step towards making mediation available from GPs across the whole of Sheffield.

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