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Mindfulness: Crucial or Cliché?

Mindfulness has become quite the buzzword in recent times. It is a concept that originates from the Buddhist idea of sati — a term that can be translated as “to remember” or “to bear in mind”. Today, we think about mindfulness as the psychological process of bringing our attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment.

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Are You a Good Listener? The Truth Might Surprise You

Communication is to conflict resolution what petrol is to a car — you ain’t gettin nowhere without it. As Craig wrote in his previous blog post, conflict represents an opportunity for improvement. We are given a chance to reevaluate current practices and come up with better ones — so it pays to ‘get good’ at dealing with it. 

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In Praise of Conflict

There is a widespread belief that ‘co-operation is better than conflict’, but neither co-operation nor conflict is inherently ‘better’. Powerful elites are effective co-operators in the service of their own interests, often at others’ expense. Scapegoating and bullying at work and in communities often depend on the co-operation of bystanders who fail to challenge wrongful behaviour.

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