Resolve conflicts and disputes between individuals and teams in your organisation.

The cost of conflict

Conflict in organisations is costly. The CBI estimates that conflict costs £33 billion per year, taking up 20% of leadership time and potentially losing up to 370 million working days. Conflict can impact on the health of employees directly and indirectly involved, causing anxiety, stress and physical health problems.


How MESH can help

MESH Mediation Sheffield can help you resolve conflicts and disputes that arise as a result of issues such as:

  • Bullying and harassment allegations

  • Disagreements about roles and responsibilities

  • Change and management of change

  • Personality clashes

  • Lifestyle and cultural differences

  • Diversity issues

We can help you address and resolve conflict through dialogue and negotiation. We use a structured approach which enables those in conflict to talk through issues, gain insights and open up the possibility of change. The process ends with a written agreement about how to maintain a positive working relationship in the future.

The Conflict Resolution Process

A trained mediator works on the case.  The conflict resolution process typically is completed within one day or spread over two half days.  It uses the following process:

  • Initial assessment – by telephone

  • Confidential meeting – person 1

  • Confidential meeting – person 2

  • Preparation for joint meeting

  • Joint meeting

In more complex cases more time might be required, for which there is an additional cost.

The Benefits of Informal Conflict Resolution

  • Quicker and cheaper than formal conflict resolution procedures, litigation or tribunals

  • Reduces the stress and anxiety caused by conflict

  • Improves working relationships

  • Generates better and sustainable solutions

  • Helps to contain conflict so it does not affect the wider team

  • Creates a more positive workplace and a culture of openness, empowerment and personal responsibility

  • Helps individuals to develop skills in conflict resolution

  • Reduces sickness absence

  • Reduces staff turnover

Conflict Resolution Costs

  • Private companies, public sector and large VCF – £900 per case

  • Small VCF organisation, 15% discount – £765 per case

These costs apply to a case that follows the basic Conflict Resolution Process: initial assessment, individual meeting with both parties, preparation for joint meeting, joint meeting.

More complex cases will incur additional costs proportionate to the daily rate above.

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