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Why mediation?

Mediation is a quicker, cost-effective means of resolving conflict based on mutual agreement. It allows people to resolve disputes in a more open and amicable way, helping those in dispute minimise conflict and come to an understanding.

The aim of mediation is to repair relationships, reduce the likelihood of disagreements getting out of control, and to generate better and longer lasting solutions. Through talking, listening and co-operation, mediation gives people the opportunity to heard, and air their grievances in an impartial environment.

The role of the mediator

As a mediator, you help facilitate communication where relationships have broken down, and build understanding to find ways of achieving solutions that suit all sides.
Mediators create a safe place for people to say what they want to say. They encourage openness, reflection and personal responsibility.

What makes MESH unique?

  • MESH services are tried and tested based on practical experience
  • We have over 25 years' experience in providing excellent conflict resolution practice. Our trainers bring a wealth of experience in providing practical hands-on solutions.
  • Our services are flexible, cost effective and can be tailored to your needs
  • MESH has operated in Sheffield for over 25 years and can offer specialist knowledge of local needs
  • Our training days are kept to small groups to allow discussion and interaction as well as providing practical scenarios
  • As a voluntary sector charity, MESH has broad understanding of the needs in relation to conflict resolution for individuals, communities and organisations

Did you know.....? MESH also provides:

Workplace Mediation Service

A cost effective solution to conflict at work
MESH can provide a trained workplace mediator to help resolve issues there may between employees within the workplace. Mediation can be used between work colleagues in any situation where relationships are strained. Colleagues might have the same job or similar grade, but equally they might hold positions of different seniority.
If you would like to make a referral to our workplace mediation service or find out more information please visit our Workplace Mediation page.

Bespoke Group Training Sessions

Group packages begin at £250 for half a day’s training for up to ten people. Training can be delivered at your venue, or at Scotia Works at a time that’s suitable for you. If you would like to organise for MESH to deliver some of this training to you and your colleagues,or you are interested to find out more, please fill in the form below.