Whether in your community or in your workplace, MESH Community Cohesion Services provides bespoke mediation services and training to help you deal with conflict


Our Services


Neighbour Mediation

Neighbour disputes involving antisocial behaviour, noise, parking harassment, and boundaries

Workplace Mediation

Conflict between staff involving equality & diversity issues, bullying, harassment and structural disagreements

Family Mediation

Familial disputes involving separation, custody agreements, visitation rights, communiation breakdowns and finances

Community Mediation

Community conflicts between groups in the community, or between statutory agencies and members of the community


Conflict Resolution Training

MESH Mediation Sheffield offers conflict resolution and mediation training programmes and bespoke packages to individuals, businesses and organisations. Get in touch today to discuss how we can support your training needs.


Workplace Mediation

Conflict is an inevitable part of the employment relationship; however differences between individuals can lead to a range of costs. Workplace mediation can provide a speedy resolution to workplace disputes that is cheaper and quicker than internal procedures or litigation. Get in touch with us today to learn how mediation can help.


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