Our Services


Family Mediation

We provide mediation services for familial disputes involving separation, custody agreements, visitation rights, communiation breakdowns and finances.

Whether you are early stages and trying to figure things out or you are wanting to renegotiate a former agreement after separation, our mediators can provide guidance and advice.


Workplace Mediation

MESH can help resolve conflict between staff involving equality and diversity issues, bullying, harassment, or structural disagreements.

Workplace Mediation is outside formal processes, is quicker and cheaper than internal conflict resolution procedures or litigation, and can provide a speedy, longer-lasting resolution to disputes.


Neighbour Mediation

It can be difficult to talk to your neighbour about an issue that's bothering you, whether it is antisocial behaviour, noise, parking, boundaries or even harassment. Sometimes it may feel they won't listen, or that talking will makes matters worse.

Our mediators can serve as a bridge between you and your neighbour, helping you talk through issues, explain your side of the story and find better, longer-lasting solutions.


Community Mediation

Throughout its history, MESH has supported communities in conflict through community mediation services. Whether the dispute is between groups in the community, or between statutory agencies and members of the community.


Conflict Resolution & Mediation Training

Gain the skills to resolve conflict with training from MESH.

As a mediator, you help facilitate communication where relationships have broken down, and build understanding to find ways of achieving solutions that suit all sides.

We offer bespoke training packages alongside regular mediation training sessions. Get in touch today to learn more.